AV Setup in central London

We asked to rectifier an existing  Audio visual setup which was installed by the client in Central London.


  1. Poor Surround sound from BT vision
  2. Sonos mulitroom audio not working
  3. Logitech universal remote missing some macros
  4. DVD not working

We went through all the settings on the Onkyo AV receiver also added an optical cable for the BT vision.

Reinstalled the Sonos software and re indexed the music library . also setup so Sonos was playing in stereo through the amplifier.

reprogrammed some of the Logitech s macros also added some BT visions buttons to “watch TV macro” . also adjusted delay times.
poor performance was caused by keene IR extender missing some IR commands  from the Logitech , the only to fix this fault was to replace keene with a more stable

DVD was not switching through onkyo receiver because the composite video output (I did recommend changing to a blu-ray) was plug in the wrong input.

We left a happy customer with his AV equipment all working correctly which was a great improvement  as the DIY had never been correctly setup from new.