Samsung 64″ Plasma 3D TV and Bose lifestyle 5.1 Home Cinema

This large 64″ Plasma smart TV screen was wall mounted with three front Bose speakers of the 5.1 surround sound, lifestyle 48  the rear speakers that were ceiling mounted.

All cables were installed and first fixed when house was being  rebuilt. We then returned to  2nd fix all the AV equipment , install and set up the system.

Also connected were Sky HD and a Blue Ray 3D compatible player and karaoke machine .







Hitachi 42″ Plasma , Yamaha AV Receiver, KEF 5.1 Speaker system

Installed in the living room, all wires are chased and speaker cables were run under the carpet. Wires run up behind the skirting board and chased inside walls. A sub woofer (not pictured) is located in the corner of the room. Other leads to the screen have been chased into the wall and the wall made good by re-plastering.  A fully programmable, logitec Harmony universal remote was used to control all the components including lights.



63”   3D Samsung Plasma with B&W speaker system


This East London Penthouse apartment custom AV installation was fitted with four new3D screens. The main screen was a Samsung 63” PS63C7000

The cabinet were custom made for the for the av installation located inside were

  • Onkyo TXSR808 3D compatible AV Receiver,
  • Two Sky HD boxes,
  • XBox360,
  • PS3,
  • Apple Mac Mini,
  • Router.

The sound was provided by Bowers&Wilkinson 5.1 MT30 speaker package and the front speakers were incorporated on the AV cabinet. The rear speaker cables were fed through the ceiling to the surround sound wall mounted speakers. The Onkyo Receiver with its twin HDMI outputs were used to split all AV components to the main TV and smaller Samsung 3D 46”UEC46800 TV in the kitchen area of this East London Apartment , the 1.4 spec HDMI cable was routed through the wall to conceal the cable

Cat5 cable was used to convert the HDMI output from the second Sky box which was fed through the floor and walls to the master bedroom on the floor below to provide HD to the wall mounted 55” LED Samsung TV.  The control was via Logic RF 900 remotes. Macros were programmed to enable one touch operation of any piece of equipment. The existing ceiling speaker system was used to provide sound in the master bedroom and ensuite. The fourth Samsung 46” LED was mounted in second bedroom. with digital free aerial input.



Samusung Led with Samsung 5.1  Home Cinema


Latest Samsung LED was wall mounted with Samsung 5.1 home theatre with a Virgin  HD Box under the screen on a Vogels shelf system.

All cables were hidden into the wall and the subwoofer was on the floor to the left of screen.

















London 5.1 Home cinema installation Sony 60” 3D with Bowers and Wilkins speakers 5.1


We were tasked with redesigning this audio visual system the previous system consisted of a very un user friendly multi room audio and difficult to operate home cinema . all fitted into a large cabin spewing an untidy mess of cables out the back.

We started by ripping out all the old equipment . floor boards were then removed and all cables were first fixed and chase , on second fix we connected a Sonos multiroom audio sytem to the exsicting ceiling speakers in six rooms, all six ZP120 zone players were fitted into the cabinet also installed was an Onkyo AV Receiver , Sky HD. PS3, this was all controlled by Logitech RF remote.  As part of this installation we relocated and wall mounted the old pioneer plasma in the playroom. The master bedroom was fitted with a future automation TV lift located at the foot of Bed



Panasonic 42″ Plasma with home cinema surround sound and monitor audio in wall speakers


Home cinema installation consisted of front three Monitor Audio in wall, W80-LCR , two Monitor audio surround speakers, Marantz NR1501 AV receiver. Sky HD, Netgear media streamer, Panasonic 42” plasma. The front speakers presented a challenge as they were designed to be fitted into a internal plasterboard wall, we had to cut the block wall out , remove mounting posts from speakers then fit wood battens into holes to enable a good fixing. The rear speakers were fitted into the ceiling cables from surround right was run across room through coving this saved cutting through ceiling joists. HDMI cables were chased into wall for Panasonic TV .



Pioneer 50″ and Bose 5.1 Home Cinema


The screen was fitted to a solid brick wall and all the connecting cables were chased including Sky cables entering from right hand exterior wall. This was a long chase and could have been avoided by running Sky cables under floorboards. However, new wood flooring had just been laid. Also, a mains socket on the wall was placed before we were consulted. This made our job more difficult as we had to avoid mains cable running through the wall.





Sony Home Cinema 5.1 installation


The previous TV position left the room looking cluttered with an untidy spaghetti of cables , TV  and speakers , were relocated to provide a clean look.

Equipment was installed the other side of the wall in under stairs cupboard.

A remote eye was used for IR control


Click here for before and after pictures



Samsung 50”  LCD with 5.1 home cinema


All components were located in adjoining kitchen cupboard

We programed a Logitech RF remote to control all functions through the wall








LCD TV installed into false chimney breast incorporating a 2m electric projection screen


A false chimney breast was constructed to house a recessed LCD screen, front flush speakers, and electric projection screen , shelf was incorporated for components, subtle lighting effects completed the effect.



55” Samsung LED UE55D800  Smart TV with 5.1 home cinema installation


With this London installation Home cinema installation the LED TV was wall mounted  above  the fireplace the AV receiver, blu-ray, Virgin box were placed in cupboard to the left  of chimney breast IR extender was used to allow control of components with cupboard door closed. AV Cables and speaker cables were  prewired,  priory to installation. Kef T301 was use as a centre , we installed Cambridge Minx X200 sub,and Monitor Audio 165 ceiling speakers. All components were controlled by a universal Logitec Harmony Remote .








Samsung 55″ Smart TV with Cambridge Audio Min 10 5.1 speaker system


This LED smart TV was wall mount in London Apartment , we totally concealed all cables though walls , Onkyo NR TX 609 AV reciver was coupled with Sky HD, Sony Bu-Ray Apple TV , Sonos ZP90 all the kit was controlled by a Logitech universal RF remote.Sky feeds were relocatedfrom bedroom
on lower floor this in itself was quite a challenge, all cable were terminated on brushed metal face places, as part of this installation we also installed a Sonos mulitroom audio . We also  installed a Bose 5.1 in linked Apartment.






Sony  55″ Smart TV with Kef Ceiling speakers  5.1 Home Cinema.


This Audio Visual installation involved fitting of 5 ceiling speakers , we prewired these as house was being refurbished all cables were first fixed
second fix took place once the house. AV receiver was located in media cabinet under TV screen we programed an universal Logitech remote to control all AV components ,









Samsung TV with 5.1 Home cinema speaker package


 Surrey home cinema installation with HDMI cables chased into solid brick wall rear speaker cables
were run under floor along with sky and aerial cables, We first fixed cables , then returned to install the surround sound speakers
wall mount Television on  super slim wall bracket. the sound was then calibrated for optimum performance.







Four Room AV installation with home network in Hertfordshire

Sharp LC70LE836E TV Dali Fazon 3, 7.1 Home Cinema installation .

SHARP AN3DG20B Active 3D Glasses
Sony S780  Blu- Ray DVD,Onkyo NR818 – AV receiver,DALI Fazon 5.1-1 and 2 Fazon
Mac Mini 2.7 8GB SSD and HD, Xbox Kinect, Logitec 900 RF remote

This AV installation was part of a four Room installation and Home Network install,
the additional rooms were , second reception, bedroom,  we installed :

Second reception

Samsung 46ES8000 smart TV
Sony S780 Blu-Ray DVD
Yamaha YHT-S401 sound bar
Logitec RF900 remote

Master Bedroom

Samsung 46ES8000 smart TV
Sony S780 Blu-Ray DVD
Yamaha YHT-S401 sound bar
Logitec RF900 remote

Loft room

Samsung 46ES8000 smart TV
Sony S780 Blu-Ray DVD
Bose Cinemate GS 2.1 home cinema
Logitec RF900 remote





 Living room  sharp 70″ TV with 7.1 home cinema Dali Fazon 3 speakers



Second reception room  Samsung smart TV with Yamaha sound bar

Loft room Samsung Smart TV with Bose 2.1 home cinema

As part of this project we also installed nine additional network points .


 Sony TV installation with Bowers and wilkins 5.1 home cinema

Cables were discreetly run under floor to media cabinet housing all AV components

This consisted of Sky HD , Ps3 , Sonos mulitroom audio, Apple TV , Onkyo AV receiver , Rell subwoofer was located at back of room into corner to enhance bass response.
all cables to speaker and and TV where concealed within walls. after decorators had finished we carried out final phase of this Audio visual install
second fix setup and calibration.














Home Theater 50″ Samsung smart TV Kef T series 5.1 surround sound
Sonos Multi room Audio music system in Essex

Our brief  for this Essex TV install and home Theater installation was to free up space below TV of all the clutter of Audio visual equipment  and move to a adjacent wall with all AV components hidden away from sight  inside a cupboard , also HD was split into bedroom, with telephone and data over CAT6 link back to study
to provide a fast network link directly wired from the router via a 1GB switch, we also replaced Light dimmer for a  three gang remote
Unit , side lights were controlled buy X10 home automation modules all the components  were the then programed into a Logitech
RF 900 remote control this control all AV equipment and lights on one neat controller , macros were programed with one touch operation.
the customer was left with a super slim wall mounted TV solution coupled with the great sounding Kef T301 and T101 speakers with Kef sub located out of sight in the corner of room to enhance the bass response.  this Essex Audio visual installation  comprised of
Samsung series six smart TV 50″ , Yamaha RXV-673 AV receiver ,sonos ZP90 multiroom audio, Apple TV,slim ps3, X10 infrared command centre IR7243 , Wii, Sky HD 1TB, Logitec RF900, PS adaptor.Netgear Gigabit  switch.
















Slim fit Kef T301 left and right with T101 centre
Surround sound speakers. these speaker’s compliment the ultra slim
Samsung LED TV and also sound fantastic.

Sub fitted located it into corner of the room to enhance the bass





















Media Cupboard with AV components, these can all be operated with the cupboard doors closed,
control is by programed RF900 Logitec remote control.




RJ45 Data plate link to Study


Central London AV install


The client here already owned a Beo sound 9000 system which he loved and wanted to retain this for his newly re fubed  London apartment
the current cabling was a mess with sky , aerial cables and speaker cables trailing across the floor , we had to devise new cable roots
which entailed running new cables through a very old a dusty loft . A new Samsung smart TV was installed on a movable arm bracket, when recessed
we only had a few mm to work with so the mount was critical. sound was processed by a Dennon AV receiver with multi channel out driving the active B&O
BEO lab 8000 speakers , the custom made AV cabinet housed the Amp , sky HD , and blue ray.  the sound was phenomenal but then I guess it should for

these speaker’s cost around 15k new!