Office Meeting room projection installation

This projector installation was fitted into a London meeting room, the electric screen was wall mounted with projector ceiling mounted all inputs to projector were cabled back to media cabinet. And terminated  in faceplates. This was a great improvement in previous routine of sitting the projector on table and using a tripod screen.




Home Cinema Room


The installation of this  dedicated Home cinema room, was fitted with a 2.5m fixed screen the projector was ceiling mounted all speakers were flush mounted into the plasterboard walls to give a clean finish. HDMI cables were run back to the Yamaha AV receiver  which was located in media cupboard




Boardroom projector installation


This Audio Visual installation was for The National Pharmacy Association

In St Albans the 4500 lumens Optima projector was ceiling mounted with cable run through ceiling void to face plate on wall. To provide two Hdmi inputs plus VGA , The wall mount screen was a remote Draper tab tensioned . 30W a small wall amplifier provided sound for presentations.




Formula One management control room


This commercial AV installation was at the formula one management HQ in kent

The Formula 1 management team have created a new control room , we installed three
large venue Panasonic projectors on the ceiling these were coupled with Peerless precision ceiling mounts

A large created a large Video wall comprising of three fixed frame 16.9 projection screens the high end Panasonic projectors
provided the images , we installed a 9.1 ceiling speaker surround sound with two sub woofer’s .The 9.1 ceiling speakers were driven by an Onkyo
flag ship AV receiver TX NR5010

The PRGS Projector Mount simplified the way alignment is carried out The precision gear design allows exact pitch and roll image positioning by either just turning the two adjustment knobs with a  screw driver, or using the tool-less option by extending the knobs to turn by hand. Just set the precision gear to the desired position to secure it in place. It will hold its position even when we fitted the large Panasonic projector. this gave the degree of alignment required for this video wall installation .





Training room projector installation


This Training room installation was fitted with electric remote screen and

Very bright 4500 lumens Mitsubishi projector when screen was not available

A 50” plasma was also wall mounted to provide an alternative , six ceiling speakers provide sound for presentations.



Projector Boardroom with Future Automation Lift


This discreet projector boardroom installation was carried out In conjunction with office refurbishment.

A high quality future automation lift was fitted in ceiling to house large projector.

A fixed  2.5 m  Projection screen complimented the installation in this high spec London office






Home Theatre projection in London Basement apartment.


This Home Theatre setup was installed into a London basement apartment. A Panasonic projector was mounted to a concrete ceiling with cable run in trunking. The projector screen was 2M fixed type. The sound was provided by a Yamaha receiver, and Kef KTH3005 speaker package. We split the hdmi output from Blu-ray DVD and Freeview to feed both the projector and small LCD TV.




Home Theater projection Installation


Onkyo receiver, pioneer blue ray and Denon CD player were also connected to the system. Projection was then setup and calibrated

Rear speakers were B&W 686 these were fitted on Vogels wall brackets. We had to reinforce the plasterboard wall to take the weight of the speaker.

Infocus IN82 was ceiling mounted. 15M of HDMI cable was run through the ceiling by remove floor boards upstairs. HDMI and rear speakers cables were fed the same route

Fixed 92” Grand view projection screen was wall mounted with front B&W 684 and HTM62 centre and ASW610 sub





Home Theatre Installation in dedicated cinema room

This Dedicated home cinema installation In a London Apartment fit with a fixed 2m projection screen and a 5.1 home cinema sound system control was provided by a Logitech advanced remote control , all cables were concealed as part of a refurbishment of the apartment.