Sony 3D LED TV with Ebony AV shelf unit.


This Sony LED was fitted with high end Ebony shelf AV system This unit conceals all the cables and with the removable magnetic  panels to allow for easy access to change cables and space to fit a four way mains connector which neatly takes care of where to plug in your three or four components. Surface plastic trunking covered the mains and sky cables.

Ebony and sony





Samsung 7 Series LED TV mount above fireplace

This Latest Samsung internet TV was mounted above fireplace

In London apartment, and was integrated with A Humax freeview HD

PVR , and Blue Ray DVD, these were located in bedroom cupboard.

Ethernet and IR control were via cat5 , the PVR and DVD were split to bedroom TV and living room TVs , were also provided a Logitech advanced remote to provide easy control of all equipment



Sharp 60″ Plasma TV mounted on bespoke AV cabinet

This Manchester TV installation was mount on a bespoke AV wall unit

With Bose 321 and sky HD under screen  these wall  units are custom made.







46” Samsung 46UB7000 LED

This Samsung LED TV was mounted on dry lined plaster board wall with our super slim bracket this enable us to mount closer to the wall than the Samsung wire bracket it also enable a safe fixing on plaster board walls unlike the Samsung wire bracket which only has two fixings. With our bracket we can get 12 fixings into the wall.

Cables were dropped through the gap between the plaster board to emerge from brush plate behind the screen. We also connected the Parott by S+ARCK speakers.




Samsung 60” TV Plasma TV Mounted on Chimney breast


This TV was mount with super slim wall mount cables were hidden inside

The chimney breast to emerge at side of breast.




Pioneer plasma TV installation in London


This TV was and equipment were wall mounted to greatly free up limited space all equipment was fitted on a large AV shelf unit
This included a stereo hi fi amplifier , BT infinity Hub, X Box, BT Vision two Mordaut Short hi fi speakers were also wall mounted





Philips 42″ plasma mounted on chimney breast


This screen was mounted on the chimney breast with all cables chased along the left-hand side. All equipment is housed in a cabinet on the left. The wallpaper was removed from the wall since the room was due to be totally redecorated anyway. However, during the installation we had to take great care of the white carpet!  A new surround system was also going to installed at a later date and so center speaker cables were included in cables to screen.





Seven screen Video Wall


This impressive Video wall was installed into London office all screens were linked to digital signage solution. Browser based content management was used to provide a powerful multi screen solution






Samsung LED  26” TV


This small Led TV was wall mount on a Vogals swivel and tilt bracket in kitchen location. Power and aerial were chased into the wall. Providing a wire free solution.




42” Panasonic Plasma Tv

Television was mounted above fireplace on a flat bracket. Cable were hidden to side of breast to provide an neat wire free solution.




Panasonic TV mounted above fireplace with Yamaha sound fitted under screen

This Panasonic TV was installed on chimney breast , cables were drilled throughFireplace has been prepared to house all components. Two shelves were fitted in fireplace To separate sky and PVR. Power , sky and sub cables were drilled through side of breast This is a great space saver.





Samsung 55”  Led smart TV  with Samsung sound bar and ebony shelf unit mount to side

The Ebony shelf provided a need solution to housing the sky and ps3  and DVD The cupboards were to narrow to house them sky leads and mains were feed though cupboard And then drilled though breast  to provide a wire free solution, sound was enhanced by the Samsung sound bar which  was fitted under the TV .





Sony LCD with Bose 2.1 home Cinema  plus Vogal AV shelves

Sony was mounted on flat wall bracket .The Vogels AV shelf unit provided a space saving home,For ps3 and Bose 2.1 home theater bose speakers were place on speaker stands either  side of TV





Samsung 8000 series smart TV with sound bar and wall mounted DVD

This Led TV was wall mounted on plasterboard the Samsung sound bar enhanced the sound for this bedroom installation
This sound comes with Air play enabling iphones ipads etc to  stream music , A blu- ray DVD was mounted below TV,
HD was feed via CAT5 cables from living room Virgin HD Box , we also hooked up a direct network connection via the exsiting
cabling , CCTV composite video was converted over Cat5 to enable all the Cameras to be viewed on this TV.






Samsung Led Television , wall mounted on lath and plaster wall.

This TV installation was mounted on a very old lath and plaster wall each vertical stud had to be cut across to conceal the cables . we brought out 5m cables  in corner of room for customer to provide future media cabinet.






Samsung LCD with 2tier AV shelf unit

This TV screen was mounted on a arm bracket  which enabled the screen to angle 45 degrees across the corner the shelf system contained a virgin HD box an DVD Virgin and mains cables were concealed in surface plastic trunking running from floor to shelf


All now out of reach of little fingers.





Sony LCD wall mount on arm bracket

This TV screen was mounted on a arm bracket  which enabled the screen to angle 45 degrees across the corner






Samsung LED TV with AV shelf system 

This TV was installed in Birmingham with shelf system fitted under screen all cables were run in surface trunking
Plasterboard Wall was reinforced to take weight of TV and shelf system.
DVD was install the cables where run for future sky box installation.






Samsung LED ES8000U 8000 series Smart TV

This LED was installed in north London on a plasterboard wall cables were concealed within the wall
hollow stud wall all the components were fitted into a smart media cabinet under the TV
this housed Sky HD , DVD, Nintendo Wii , cables were installed for a planned surround sound system.

Intuitive interaction with voice and motion control

New sophisticated Smart Interaction technology enables you to operate your TV without pushing a button. You can easily control functions such as turning on/off your TV, changing channels, accessing apps and navigating the web using simple voice commands and motions. Built-in camera with face recognition technology.






Sony LED TV wall mounted on arm bracket

This TV was installed in London Apartment plaster board wall was reinforced to take arm bracket
Aerial and mains cable were hidden inside wall








Samsung LCD TV installed above working gas fire

All cables were hidden into wall on first fix, TV was then wall mount above fireplace







Samsung 26″ LCD TV with Sonos multiroom audio system

This small Samsung LCD TV was mounted onto an premier arm bracket the plasterboard wall had to be reinforced
Two blu cube ceiling speaker were fitted cables were concealed and run to  the sonos connect amp which was located in top of fitted wardrobes power was already
in place so this made an obvious choice for placement of the sonos zone player , this was one of five zone  players fitted
one this AV installation  job in Epping Essex.






video conferencing TV installation in London

These two  Led  Samsung LCD TVs were installed as part of a video conferencing installation  in a London
Bank we installed a life size vC on premier shelves





All cables were concealed into the wall in this commercial TV installation