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 PS4 release News


Today, the site Kotaku has published an interesting article about the next generation of consoles. Kotaku staff talk with people from the gaming industry and most people say the next-generation consoles as if they were just around the corner, if they were to be released in 2013.


In 2012 we were given all the big titles for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, in 2013 for the Xbox 360 is provided for the exclusive only few titles, on the PS3 did not have a lot of games more. Developers do not really wants to disclose the hardware on which to run games like Star Wars 1313 and Metal Gear Solid 5 (The Phantom Pain), in the industry there is a mood of mystery.
If there are so few great games announced for the current consoles is to say that the Playstation 4 is already pretty close.

(In 2013 we will see GTA V, Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, Crysis 3 and what’s next? Games like Star Wars 1313, Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes, Watch Dogs are too good graphics as opportunities for current consoles, all the movies that are dropped from the games come with very good PC.)

Codename of Playstation 4 by Kotaku is still Orbis.

Kotaku reports that the Xbox 720 is likely to be 9 times more powerful than the Xbox 360, it is also as powerful as it is now the best PC. The bottom line is that probably Playstation 4 will have the same power as the Xbox 720, which is currently the best PC power, a little less to play at a resolution of 4K.


We’ve also heard that Durango is roughly as graphically capable as the second-most powerful PC on the market today, which, yes, is quite the indirect statement. The chatter we hear is that Durango and Orbis are close in power to each other or at least both in the same league past the current gen.


Xbox 720 will be released for Christmas in next year, it is almost certain, because Microsoft is on the wave in the gaming industry. Sony with PS4 would like enter on the market in this same time, if this can? Maybe not, beacause Sony hae a financial problem and problem with sale of PS Vita.

Remember what Bobby Kotick say:

We can’t really talk too much about next generation console plans, but I think it’s safe to say you have a Wii U coming out and there will be another new console coming and we expect that they’ll be very successful.


I see a two scenarios, one, Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 has enter the market in 2013 autumn or winter (in the same time). Two, Xbox 720 enter the market in 2013 autumn or winter and PS4 enter the market in 2014 spring or autumn. I don’t see any other options.


New speakers from Mission.

Loudspeaker manufacturer Mission has unveiled its new exciting range the SX Series. The new surround sound speakers systems  totals seven models – two standmount speakers, three floor standers, plus two centre speakers – and ranges in price from £699 to £2,299 per pair. Customers can also select from an extensive range of finishes.

The SX1 (£699 per pair) and SX2 (£849 per pair) form the stand mount offerings, while the SX3 (£1,499 per pair), SX4 (£1,799 per.

HD Distribution over Cat5

Expand the superior HD experience from just your living room to multiple TVs around your home. HDanywhere™ systems deliver ‘whole house’ HD so you can watch and control all your favorite HD sources

4 way matrix , place all you AV components in one location for example , Two Sky HD boxes, one Apple TV , one Bu-Ray DVD ,
these will then all be available on four TVs, any device is selectable either simultaneously or individually, each location has a remote  eye to allow routing control on any piece  of equipment in a hidden location.

This is all achieved over a single Cat5 Cable to each TV location.


Supports the highest HD resolutions

HDanywhere SingleWire systems are so technologically advanced that they are capable of supporting 4K video resolutions – 4 x higher than 1080p! The latest HDMI 1.4 video features such as full HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) 3D and Deep Colour are handled with ease, thanks to the latest HDBaseT processors. Of course, pixel-for-pixel there is absolutely no loss of quality, even over long (100m) cable runs.

+ high-speed Internet access for all your network devices

HDanywhere SingeWire systems don’t just allow you to watch and control all your HD sources at every TV location, now you can access all your favourite websites too! Connect your broadband router to your HDanywhere central hub to enable use of the 2x fast ethernet ports on any receiver to connect to the internet. A very important new feature for people using Smart TVs or who like online gaming.

 Apple TV

Apple TV 3 is now available

At the same time as announcing the new iPad in March 2012, Apple also issued an update to its Apple TV.

It wasn’t the full on Apple iTV, the rumoured Apple television that many had hopped for, rather it was a small revision to the existing media streamer of last year, retaining the same form factor but with an updated menu system and faster processor.

The biggest change though is its new ability to stream and play full 1080p HD movies – last year’s model could only manage 720p, which was all the iTunes Store offered for movie rentals and purchasing anyway.

Of course, this means that Apple is going to have to update a lot of its iTunes Store catalog to 1080p for you to get the most out of it, but most new movies were being offered in 1080p when we checked.

As well as enabling you to purchase and rent movies Apple TV does two other things of note – it acts as a browser for selected Internet content (YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix, iCloud, Podcasts, etc) and thanks to Apple’s AirPlay system it can receive content streamed from a Mac, PC or iOS device and play it on your television.

So small this can fit behind most TVs,  Air play allows you to stream your music collection , pictures ,video , from your pc , Mac  iphone or ipad.




 Hide away all those unsightly  Audio visual components.

If you don’t like seeing all that messy AV kit , Sky Boxes , DVDs Games etc why not stick them out of sight in a cupboard close the doors and still retain remote control , there are various ways of achieving this:

  1. Just Sky box , simple sky eye will allow full control  of any sky box
  2. control of any AV equipment: wired IR extender will allow you to control all your kit
  3. wireless IR extender up to 10m away
  4. RF universal remote , these do not require any external senors they also have the benefit or not having to point the remote to work


RF remotes : more info

 Full control of all your music collection with Free remote App

This niffy app allows you to control and browse your iTunes library on PC or Mac  from your iPhone or iPad so all you have     to do is run an audio cable from your computer to your amplifier. and you can sit in the comfort of your arm chair and have full control over your music play list, full  search just as if you were sitting in front of your PC or Mac. you can even control the volume.




Discrete single gang Stereo amplifier

This tiny 2 x20w wall amplifier is ideal for offices, it incorporates two audio inputs and a remote control, coupled with a two small wall mounted cabinet speakers or Ceiling speakers its an ideal addition to a office projector installation.

AIWX Series Invisible Speakers

The Amina® AIWX Series In-Wall Loudspeakers are the world’s first high-performance hidden loudspeakers. Designed to be skimmed over with up to 3/16″ of plaster or drywall compound, the AIWXs provide a totally concealed audio solution that allows complete interior design flexibility without the visible presence of speakers.

Whether the room is square, rectangular, or even curved, AIWXs are a perfect fit every time! And once plastered in, they become completely sealed and protected, and offer an unparalleled invisible audio solution.

This makes the AIWX speakers an ideal invisible audio solution for wet areas such as pools and bathrooms, and for clean rooms where walls and ceilings need to be regularly washed or wiped down. 



Toshiba launches 3D without glasses


Glasses free 3D TV is here.

The Toshiba 55ZL2B brings you stunning 2D and 3D images beyond 1080p . Through powerful multi-core processing and Toshiba’s technical know-how, the 55ZL2B takes immersive 3D into your living room – without the hassle of glasses. Revolutionary face-tracking software means that the display adjusts to each member of the audience’s position to give them the optimum 3D experience.

What’s more, the 55ZL2B is a true smart TV, so it’s ready to go with integrated Wi-Fi, and a range of online features that will bring a whole world of multimedia entertainment into your home. At less than 5cm thick with a sleek profile and trim bezel it’s as much a style statement as a TV we think this TV would enhance any Home.