Having trouble reconnecting your sky HD box?

Master AV services have put together a simple guide to connecting your Sky HD box


Screw the F- connectors , leads from dish into the dish input , it does not matter which way round these go.

Plug your terrestrial aerial into socket marked aerial , if you have one.

Plug aerial lead from TV into socket marked RF1 , if you have one

If you have the sky box wired to another room plug the aerial cable into RF2 , you can fit a sky eye in the second TV to unable control of sky box.

Plug the mains lead into the power connection.

plug the HDMI cable from TV into HDMI socket on sky box.

iI you are connecting a home cinema connect either optical or digital coax for 5.1 surround sound

If you are connection to a stereo amplifier connect to RCA audio audio out

Tel line connect to socket marked Telephone line

Connect Ethernet if you wish to use Sky store Anytime +


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