Projector install in London Office Boardroom

Master AV Services installed a new Nec  M311W Projector In London boardroom


This WXGA LED projector was at the heart of the is AV install this projector offers great connectivity  two HDMI and Two VGA inputs
as were were instructed by clients to input from two separate sources , face plate inputs on the wall and a pop up face plate on the boardroom table.
sourced audio through projector to a pair of Vision active speakers , a auto audio priory switch was used to automatic switch between face plates
a Optoma  2M 4.3 electric drop down screen was  ceiling mounted along with the vision speaker to reinforce the audio .

We also installed a Optima Data projector  ES521 in the joining meeting room.
this was ceiling mounted on pole mount , a manual pull down screen was fitted to the wall