TV install guide

TV installation procedure


Our fully Trained installation Team will first carry out a site survey of the wall
the client wishes the TV to be mounted and advised on suitability  for you TV install, we would check wall type , location of and potential hazards such as gas , water pipes , and electrical cables, once the location has been decided we would then advise on mounting height taken into account the seating position distance from screen,
Type of TV we plan to install whether it’s a Plasma LCD or smart LED ,3D  all these technology’s need different considerations , plasma TV’s have a wider view angle where as LED and LCD have a much narrower viewing angle, its very important that this is taken into acount.

As you move off  to the side and away from the central sweet spot, the picture gets  a lot darker and the colour duller.

However, there have been many advances in this technology over the last few years, and viewing angle is no longer the big problem it once was. But must still be taken into account In most TV you have to get to a pretty extreme angle, so that you’re almost looking at the side of the TV, to notice a real problem. When you come right down to it, looking at the TV from that angle isn’t great anyway.

The next important consideration is the type of bracket , choices are flat , super slim, Tilt , or turn and tilt arm bracket. The type of wall may influence our choice here if we are wall mounted a large heavy
plasma TV on a plasterboard wall then the wall is going to require some serious strengthening so this may be a factor to take into consideration, we could mount the same TV on a flat bracket to a plasterboard wall totally safely, as our primarily consideration is the safety of the TV fixings ,
Master AV Services give a 10 year guarantee on TV installations , so you can be assured that the TV is
One final consideration would be for your TV install would be cable management.

This can be simply in plastic trunking or cables can be hidden, concealed into the wall if a solid wall then
we would need to chase out the solid wall . this would then require re-plastering and decorating , we plaster to an undercoat finish ready for you redecorate the wall
if it’s a plasterboard wall your TV is fixed to, then it should be possible to make a hole behind the screen and drop cable’s through wall space avoiding any damage to the wall.


Once all these choice have be decided we would then cover the working area with dust sheets put down floor protection and if we intent to chase out the walls we would totally cover the room with dust sheets.


Our TV installation wall mounting services cover :
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With the latest  TVs becoming thinner and thinner it becomes even more important to enhance the sound quality as with this type of TV  there is very limited space for manufactures to fit any decent size speaker thus substantially reducing the overall sound quality .

So you might consider a home cinema installation to enhance your viewing experience
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