Commercial Audio visual installation in Smithfield’s London

 Bird of Smithfield

In his five story development of Bars , restaurant , basement cocktail bar, private dinning and roof Terrance in the busy Smithfields market area of London
Master AV services installed independent high quality back ground music systems on each floor.

























 Basement cocktail bar AV installation

The equipment was slightly different as this space was also hired for private events , party’s and business meetings. A Casio XJM 240 ,LED  projector was fitted .This model was chosen for its very low profile design. We used a 2.6m electric Optoma screen which was concealed when not in use behind a beam on the stage area . inputs connection were placed a floor box to enable performer s  and DJ to plug into the clubs music system and projector.  A wireless Optoma presenter was installed to allow clients to present from their laptops or tablets. Sound system installed was TOA 240W mixer amplifier driving two Turbo sound 65T column speakers either stage and two JBL T25 ,s cabinet were wall mounted  at the rear of the bar


Ground floor Bar installed music system

Background sound system was installed we again used a TOA 240W to drive  eight flushed in EDL 65T speakers this combination provided a High quality background sound with good coverage whilst maintaining a minimal look.

 Restaurant Background Music system

The background Music system. Was provided using A TOA amp with low profile and flush speakers, to deliver low level background music ,  there is nothing worse than going to restaurant and having to shout at your fellow dinners above Music that to loud.

by strategically placing the low profile speakers we were able to achieve a quality background sound in this high quality London restaurant.



Private Dinning/ meeting room

As this room was not only used for dinning purposes but also business meeting
This Audio Visual installation consisted of PA music system using a TOA mixer amplifier, four flush ceiling JBL speakers ,
A ceiling mounted projector NEC 311W was used with a concealed 4.3 format  2M wide Optoma electric remote screen ,
HDMI ,VGA , connections were run to rear cupboard, a Optoma WPS3 wireless presenter was also fitted for clients to connect their laptops or tablets .


Roof Terrace 

Background Music was installed using , two Waterproof Apart speakers
ipod dock was connected to the 100V line TOA amplifier .