Commercial AV installation in Winery

Audio Visual install in Roberson Wine

London based fine wine company Roberson were fitting out there new winery in central London
They wanted to use the space for events as well as making wine, we were asked to install an audio visual system that provided both PA background music system. into two zones, plus a projector and electric drop down screen .
the tricky part was creating waterproof  housings for all face plates, the projector would have to be removed for the wine making season, A  a water tight box on the ceiling to house the cables when not in use during the wine making proccess.

Pa sound system installation

We install six Apart Mask4 water resistant speakers into two zones the second zone have wall mounted independent volume control.
a Monacor PA312Z. inputs were from a waterproof AV plate  for inputs from laptops. we also installed An Apple TV so they could Air play
music and video ,audio had to be converted from digital to analog .

A 1.8 4.3 remote screen was mounted at high level as was the NEC P451 WXGA projector. this 4500 lumens projector was cabled first to a waterproof
housing and then the waterproof Audio Visual face plate.