Action replay camera system at the National sports Centre Crystal Palace

Crystal palace national diving centre had a requirement to record their divers and

View the recording  with  10-15 sec delay automatically.  they needed this to be  installed in the main pool and the diving gym , this gym consisted of diving boards  trampolines and foam mats a single Vari focal HD Camera was wall mounted to give good coverage of the diving boards this was then  connected to a  DVR which provided the delay for playback , we housed the DVR and power supplies inside a wall mounted secure cabinet . a 50” TV monitor was wall mounted , this enabled the diver the diver  view the video  replay after the dive was performed. There was no requirement to operate the  system as it was left recording and playing back on continuous delay.


Sports Camera replay video delay installation

Sports Camera replay video delay installation

The Main Pool

Two screens/monitor were mounted in portrait format
behind a Perspex sheet along with Two DVRs,

Two cameras were installed and mounted on there side so to speak this married up with the TV screens which were mounted on their side this aspect worked when viewing the dive much more effectly than
if we had mounted the screens in normal  landscape fashion.
one focused on the diving 10M platform and one on the 3m springboard each Screen and DRV was configured to show the Dive’s on continuous 12-15 second delay ,
as in the gym when the diver had finished their dive they could watch a instant replay.



Diving Gym Crystal palace National sport centre