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sky Q


Sky has made  an exciting announcement  to launch a brand new  Satellite / HD TV  service which they are naming Sky Q.

This new service will revolutionize Sky’s, current level of connectivity that just has not  been seen before in Sky’s current system. It will offer an a vastly improved new family of devices to enable  Sky’s TV service to stay one step ahead of the their main rivals Virgin media and BT vision, at the moment despite a large number of people upgrading there TV to 4k UHD there has been very little content around one massive new devolvement with SQ we be the ability to show UHD content .

Called Sky Q, it will run  alongside Sky+ a new brand, will be made to be available in 2016. So here is everything you need to know about about this amazing new service .

Sky Q  the system?

Sky Q is a new brand from Sky and it’s not only a service, its a totally revamped family of components . The aim is to completely remodel the way Sky operates both in functionally and convectively compared  your current sky setup and  provide your home TV  experience with a whole range  of new enhancements , while still giving you many of the features you count on from Sky.

There are a range of Sky Q component devices, starting with the high-end Sky Q Silver set-top-box which is  the heart behind the new  system and devised to be located  in your lounge as your  current Sky HD box would normally be located  . There is also a second main set-top-box, called which is called Sky Q, this has a smaller amount of storage space on its hard drive  and lacks some of the benefits like UHD / 4k but will more like to appeal to those with who would like keep there costs lower or simply have no interest in 4k

There are also other components in the system with different ways to connect, there is a  Sky Q mini setop box  to extend the Sky Q TV system to multiple rooms with the  Sky Q Hub i router, this will also support Sky Q apps for tablets smart phones etc the system also comes with a brand  new Sky Q touch remote
which will  operate via Bluetooth this will enable you hide way the setop box inside a cupboard or media cabinet etc.


The result should be comprehensive system enabling you view your programs movies when and where you want, where you want , Sky Q allows Sky  has some what stepped up its game , with offering functionally like a more integrated  guide and planer, multi-room systems that not only expand the  Silver sky Q box but will also funtion as stand alone devices, whilst maintain the ability to store and view to your  mobile devices and view your favorite programs outside your home you can now catch up on all that backlog while traveling to work, on holiday or flying etc.

Sky will market this as “premium” TV service, so  you should expect some fairly high pricing at the top of its current range of pricing structure. Prices have not been announced yet  but will be available in 2016


Sky Q: the Kit

Sky Q and Sky Q Silver box

The Sky Q Silver box is the box that  will replace your current HD box. It offers a super slim sexy design, much more compact than all of  Sky+ boxes currently available. There will be two new boxes available, the Silver being the more advanced with no less than twelve tuners,  allowing recording of four channels while you can view a fifth (the others not used for recording and viewing  but additional services such as 4k/ UHD The Sky Q Silver box also allows viewing on two tablets , smartphones, and can feed picture content to  two Sky Q Mini boxes in HD but not 4k. All devices can view separate  content at the same time.

The Sky Q Silver has a 2TB hard drive with up to  350 hours of HD  for storing your recorded content 4k capacity is not yet been announced . The Sky Q Silver will also

Provide a 4k viewing capability  later on in 2016 after the box has downloaded an  update and after Sky’s UHD service launch. It will  be able support a 2160p 4k resolution.

The standard new  Sky Q box has 1TB  storage capacity making it capable of  up to 150 storing hours of HD content but it  has 8 tuners , and will just support extra viewing on one mobile device which could be a  tablet and one Sky Q Mini set top box. It is can display HD at 1080P and will not be  upgradable  for 4k in the future.

sky Q Mini Box

Sky Q Mini box

The Sky Q Mini box is a way  viewing Sky content in other rooms. This connects to your main Sky Q box, either by Wi-Fi or via power line networking to use power line your main Sky Q box must be on the same fuse board otherwise you will have to rely on wi fi ,

you use your electrical wiring to carry the information between boxes. Power line networking is built-in across Sky Q component devices, that will work if you also subscribe to Sky broadband and have the Sky Q Hub installed.

The Sky Q Mini box also only supports up to full 1080P HD, but it can work as a Wi-Fi access point, expanding your Sky router wi fi  connection. this will be dependent on a Sky Q Hub. It is possible to use the Sky Q TV service and the Mini boxes using a independent  service broadband serviceprovider but you will not be able to then use them as Wi-Fi hot spots or through power line connectivity.

You will get the full capability’s of all  all the Sky Q features through the Mini box such as live TV,  be able to view  recordings that have been stored on your  main Sky Q , and watch  on demand services.

Sky Q touch remote control

The new remote has touch capability so there will be less buttons to press and more swiping  to help navigate around  plus its Bluetooth so  there’s no need to aim  the remote control as you would with a standard IR unit, great for people who want to hide the Sky Q box inside a cabinet or even in an adjacent  room.

It also a built-in mic, and in the future it will be able to provide a fully featured  voice search option, for helping you to locate your content easily and quickly .

Sky Q Hub

As Sky Q is super-connected, there is a  Hub that interfaces with with it all providing a gateway to you’re your sky router

This new router for Sky Broadband integrates powerline networking Ethernet over mains , so you can use the mains wiring in your property to connect to your  Sky Q devices together which is preferably than using wi fi as this can be susceptible to inference especially in towns and city with a high density of wi fi competing.

You can also use your Wi-Fi, with dual-band 2.4GHz and super fast 5GHz  connectivity.

And will be able to have any of your  Sky Q boxes act as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your Sky Broadband note this will not work if you have a separate service provider.  Great If you have problems getting  a signal upstairs Sky Q should now  be able to provide a solution to that  problem.



Sky Q: Multi-room viewing

One of the major changes that Sky Q brings is giving you a massive amount of scope on what you can watch you plus you will  be able to view  your content in different rooms and on different devices. This made possible buy the sky box having multiple tuners  in the main Sky Q set-top box, allowing you to record, as well as share content around the house.

The Sky mini box doesn’t need to be connected to your dish , it works wirelessly over your wi fi  or through powerline connectivity, so is a perfect bedroom solution,  it’s also integrated, allowing  you to be able  view live or recorded programs , as well as watch catch-up/ demand services such as iplayer etc. The same is true of the tablet apps on android or ios devices , letting you view in on an ipad etc .

Sky Q enables  Sky up to now compete with its main  competitors like Virgin network. Sky Q will work across two tablets and three TVs, simultaneously, while being able to  record of up to four channels at once –  made possible because of the 12 TV tuners in the Silver box. If you have the regular Sky Q box, this is reduced to recording three channels and watching another

Which will satisfy for most peoples requirements , plus it has support for one tablet and one Sky Q Mini.

You will  be able to watch in separate  rooms through this new super-connected configuration , you will also be able to pause the program you are watching  and carry on some ware else similar to most streaming services. Sky has named  this setup “Fluid Viewing”.

Sky Q: What is Fluid Viewing?

Sky Is calling this seamless coupled experience Fluid Viewing.

This makes a lot of sense, as you will be able to flow from one room to another room and watch what you want when you want. You won’t have to run cables though your house and use an IR extender just because you want to watch Sky in your bedroom, Sky Q is designed to do that via wi fi or poweline .

Sky has  also said the number one  required feature was the  to have the capability to download content to a tablet/ mobile device to take away and view on the when out of the home. That means that if you’ve recorded a film or TV series and you are heading off on your travels, you can transfer that content to your tablet using the Sky Q app. This is called Q Sync.

At launch, not every recorded programme will be available to download and view offline thanks to rights issues, but the vast majority of shows will be available.

Sky Q basically means you’re no longer confined to your set-top box, instead offering fluid, erm, viewing.


Sky Q: More intelligent user interface

Sky Q is far more image led than it has been previously, and offers a new, more intuitive, user interface. Arguably, this is one of the areas where we’d seen a lot of activity from the likes of YouView, offering better integrated ways to navigate the TV shows available to view.

Now the home page has everything laid out clearly like Top Picks, Box Sets, Recordings, TV Guide and more down the left with images of content on the right.

My Q is a clever section that pulls in shows you didn’t get a chance to finish watching, the latest episode of your favourite series, as well as other recommendations.

Sport can now be viewed via live matches or by digging down into your favourite sport and searching what’s available that way.

A tap of the remote button brings up a side bar with apps that are quickly available, with integration of things like Facebook photos, or a side-bar to access Sky Sports news, for example. You’ll also be able to access apps like Vevo and YouTube, with more third-party services on the way.

Sky Q: Ultra HD TV

We have been waiting  Sky to upgrade there service from HD  to offering an Ultra HD (4K) service. Sky has announced that Ultra HD will be  part of the Sky Q service some time in 2016, with sky saying that Sky Q will be 4K at product launch.

If you are an existing customer sky should send you details as

At the start of 2016.