Systemline S7 installation

Multiroom Audio System

This 8 zone multi-room audio system for Systemline was installed in a large house in
Essex we used existing cabling  to total transform the ancient system that was in place.

we started by ripping out the the old kit which looked a complete mess, we then removed all the old ceiling speakers and wall plates , fortunately there were control plates in each room in 2gang boxes so it was simply the case of removing old plates and installing new , we just needed to fit a blanking plate to make up the correct size as the new KPS11 keypad are singe gang.

All cables were then traced and labelled  to various plates and speaker speaker positons.

We then installed into a new equipment rack  the four Netamps each of these provides two zones each , the  Netserver, (the heart of the system and where the music collection is stored). Switch , Turntable router, CD player.


The big advantage over a system such as Sonos which stores and plays music at MP3 Lossy format the Netserver music is stored and played at CD quality using the flac file lossless audio file format although this compresses the files to half their original size it still

maintains the original sound as it was produced  this coupled with with high quality Origin ceiling speakers the sound produced was very impressive. The S7  also uses a local input module, these were wired into two TVs the  cables were run over CAT5 back to the rack ,The local input module works automatically, when the TV is switched on the sound cuts directly through to the ceiling speakers and then reverts to previous source when TV is switched off.

all the old ceiling speakers were removed and replaced with Origin Acoustic D62 , new KP11s control plates were fitted throughout

The systemline S7 app was configured with clients Spotify account , Itunes music and CD.


Systemline S7 


systemline s7 rack




The way it was