Can I mount my  TV  on a plasterboard wall?

Yes we can mount a plasma  LCD, LED ,screen on a plasterboard stud wall or dry lined wall with the correct type of bracket and fixings. We would spread the load over the plasterboard by fixing into metal or wooden studs using a stud locator to locate them. Our brackets have wide footprint to enable us to locate the studs while still maintaining the screen position. By over fixing the bracket we ensure that there isn’t any chance of mishaps.

Do I need a mains socket behind the screen?

No its not essential we can run a long mains cable (up to 5 metres) in surface trunking
If the TV is hard wired a snap connector can be fitted. if you prefer we can arrange for a 13A socket outlet to be fitted.

Can a TV screen be mounted above a working fireplace?

Yes. Under normal conditions if the fireplace has a mantle piece to deflect the heat. Gas effect fires run cool since most of heat goes straight up the chimney which makes them not very green, although they do look good. Real fires are much hotter and could be problematic. Our advice is that you check the chimney breast where the screen will be mounted; it should be no hotter than 80 degrees fahrenheit.

Usually, we are able to mount a TV  above most fireplaces.

Can a Flat  screen TV  be mounted on a articulated arm on a plasterboard wall?

This can present some problems, although these can be overcome with some strengthening of the wall.

What areas do you cover?

Find out what our call out areas are by clicking this   Audio visual, TV installations , home cinema and projections services, areas covered.

London and the south east  , Essex , Hertfordshire.

How can wires be hidden in solid brick walls?

There are three methods we use.

1. If the screen is going to be fitted on a non-working chimney breast we can drill through chimney breast and through the side wall, this would enable the cables to be feed through the holes.
2. The second method is to cut a chase (groove) out of the brick to enable the cables to be buried in the wall. We would then plaster over the chase.
3. The third method is to run surface trunking which can then be painted if you wish. This method makes for a quicker installation and therefore reduces costs.

How can wires be hidden in plasterboard wall?

Simple. We cut a hole in the wall behind the screen and then another hole below and pull cables through the holes. Most new buildings are of this type of construction. For external walls, the gap behind the wall would not be enough to pull the wires through and a groove would have to cut into the plasterboard and plastered over once the cables have been laid in the wall.

 Can you problem solve previous AV installations?

Yes we are happy to problem solve any type of Audio visual installation big or small home or business. Read more

How are my walls left after wall chase?

It’s impossible to leave a wall chase ready for painting with one application of plaster.

When your walls are chased out to bury cables, we re-plaster to an undercoat finish. This will be level with the wall, but will need some finishing work. The undercoat plaster will have a rough texture and this will require a rub down to remove any high spots. Afterwards, apply a fine filler. Finally give the wall a final rub down with fine sandpaper (best fitted to a flat sanding block to obtain a perfectly flat finish.) You are then ready to paint.

What guarantee do you offer?

All parts supplied by Master Av Services are guaranteed for two years, the screen fixing is guaranteed for Ten years.

We will replace the equipment and repair any damage caused. I have to say that this has never happened as all our installations are particularly well secured. We do not include any parts you have supplied yourself as part of the installation guarantee.

Are you fully insured?

Yes, we have public liability insurance and are fully insured up £2,000,000 .
written details available on request.

Do you carry lead AV , accessory’s  wall brackets?

Yes, we carry a full range of brackets flat, super slim for TVs tilt, pull out arm brackets, and cables of various lengths from 1 metre to 10 metres,


Can I provide my own bracket and leads?

Yes no problem we can fit any of your own parts. but our two year guarantee would not
Obviously would only cover parts Master AV Services has supplied.

Can you extend Sky or aerial cables?

Yes we do extend aerial and Sky cables, but do not carry out any aerial or dish repairs / replacements. We can also fit aerial boosters / splitters.

How high should my screen be mounted?

We can advise but it’s your decision. Everyone has a different opinion  but most want their screens high on the wall because it looks good when not in use.  If you are watching a 3 hour film, looking up at your screen, it may not have seemed such a good idea. As a rough guide, if you were sitting 4m away, a good height on a flat wall would around 1m from the floor to  the bottom of screen. If the screen is to be mounted on a chimney breast, about 100mm above mantel piece is a good distance.

If you want to test how it feels, find the dimensions of your screen then halve the screen height – this will give the screen centre. Mark the wall with the screen centre point and then sit in your normal viewing position. You’ll get a good feel of how it will be, watching at your chosen height.

We are happy to advise you on mounting height but it’s your final decision once the screen has been mounted. It’s not adjustable and a refit would be fully chargeable.


How do you bring cables out of the wall?

If we are chasing cables or feeding cables into the wall to finish the hole we normally fit a brush plate
these are available in white or metal finish. Brush plates are available in White , brushed metal or chrome finish

How much do we charge?

Click here for a quick quote  take a look at our TV wall mounting pages or Home cinema installations  page  for bespoke AV installation please call
to discuss details or we can arrange a home survey and planing service

If you do require a home survey for advice on what’s possible, plus which equipment to purchase. We can arrange for one of our installers to call, there is a £90 plus VAT charge for this service. On most installations a telephone is survey is perfectly sufficient. Home service and planning

As we don’t carry any stock and are not tied to any particularity brand of AV  equipment you will get totally unbiased advice.

Sky HD connection guide

click here for sky HD Box  connection guide

 What type of installations do Master AV Services provide

We , Wall mount TVs , fit TV wall brackets, Install , setup and calibrate home cinema , installation surround sound equipment, supply and install Projectors ,Sonos Multiroom music systems commercial sound installations, dedicated home cinema rooms , Video servers  into commercial premises  and homes
install home networks and cabling for fast internet connections , install commercial sound systems,  and home entertainment mulitroom audio .
We provide all these services to London , East London central London , south London, north London, south east England , Midlands , Birmingham , Manchester, and north England.

click here for areas we cover  call out areas

 Can you ceiling mount my projector on a plasterboard ceiling

If we cannot establish a firm fixing into a ceiling joist then we would cut out and enforce the with wood to insure a safe and secure fixing

Can you ceiling mount my projector on a plasterboard ceiling

If we cannot establish a firm fixing into a ceiling joist then we would cut out and enforce the with wood to insure a safe and secure fixing