Commercial sound systems

Master AV Services provided installed sound systems to:

Bar’s and Restaurants
School and colleges
Places of worship
Retail outlets
Meeting rooms
community halls


We work alongside many manufacturers of high quality sound to ensure
we are able to offer the perfect solution to meet with your requirements.

Bar’s, clubs and  Restaurants  background music systems

With the rise in the number of bars ,restaurants now available in towns and city’s
its hard to make your venue stand out from the crowd.
To create the best possible atmosphere in your premise , installing a simple back ground music system greatly can enhance the dinning, savoir faire.
where as a poor sound system  can totally ruin the ambience.

Education , music systems

With schools and college events , plays , meetings changing and becoming ever more
popular , technology is playing  a ever greater roll a correctly installed Audio visual system can make a huge difference to the production .we can design and implement a bespoke system within your tight budget constrains , once installed will give many years of services and be a massive boost to Events, proms , parties and fund raising events

Corporate and office sound system’s

Enhance your boardroom or meeting room with an installed sound system this can be a great asset to your companies presentation
and help to create the professional feel to your meetings, background sound should correctly coupled with Large TV screen displays or projection , mics etc
with many years of experience  Master AV Services can help your business grow , Installing  the correct Audio Visual setup will provide a great enhancement to your corporate image .


Places of worship

Correctly installed sound system coupled with visual  displays can greatly help to convey your message in a clear method to your audience systems can be install as just an enhancement
with a few mics to fully install Audio visual system incorporating Projector and distribution Matrix switching system , with live feeds from cameras recording with H264 encoders ready for upload to YouTube etc.

Projection installations

Improve your Venue with a Projection screen,

the main advantage is massive size you can create , fantastic for meetings , sporting events , fund raising , retail advertising etc

projector installations

 AV installations

We now are seeing our clients require higher quality speakers systems for their AV installation , higher quality  projectors we are also seeing the corporate- sector requirement for ipad control of their systems.  Clients also seem to be willing to invest in the other items that complete a system such equipment racks with build in cooling fans.  In the long term, this kind of planning for the corporate AV  setup  is in the client’s best interest.  If clients purchase better quality products, those products will typically last longer and perform better increase productivity and project their company image to its greatest potential. Important visiting clients do not want to hear poor quality sound and squint to see a dim image produced by poorly specified projector this just give a bad impression. of So in the long run, because the return on investment and the user experience, is greatly improved. Making the investment in these products  over the long run a wise choice.

Some of those interesting AV installations  work include:

Office Trading floor  in London with multiple screens distributing  sky TV showing Bloomberg or any required sky channel with PC distribution Available over a VGA CAT5 . A five story development in
Smithfield’s London comprising of Jazz club ,Bar , Restaurant , Meeting Rooms, Bar roof terrace.
independent  sound systems were installed on each level , with projectors and projection screens fitted
in the Jazz club which doubles as a meeting room and conference /meeting room.


Both  projectors was a very high end projector that had high light output, a high contrast ratio and better colour matching.  This projector was for displaying important meeting topics to a larger group.

We find these kind of AV installations  interesting and rewarding  .  We enjoy designing the systems and getting involved with bringing new ideas to our clients.  Typically in these kind of systems the clients seem to start off not knowing exactly how they will use the technology.  Then after becoming more familiar with the technology, the clients find they don’t know know how they lived with out the technology.

Because of the tough economic environment in the last year, we have found some of our clients economising on AV  systems installation we see this as short sighted in the long run.


Company’s that have spare cash are going for a high quality installation  using only inexpensive projectors and wall plates.  Instead, we are doing more complex rooms such as executive boardrooms with Crestron automation and control systems.  These premium rooms typically will also put in a audio and/or video conferencing system.  Often times when doing the Crestron control systems, we have
also been incorporating some digital signage and Touch screen TVs.

The other interesting trend we are seeing is that as AV Systems become more a “staple” to meeting rooms in the business world, clients are asking for better sound systems.  These audio systems enhance the experience of the higher quality projectors or large screen TVs. Sometimes we are even adding an integrated subwoofer to go along with the better speakers so you can feel the experience as well as see and hear it.

So it has been a good year, we hope to see it continue in 2013.  We are adding new products lines and services look forward to serving our clients even better in the future.



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