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Wi-Fi has become an integrated part of modern life we Rely on a fast stable signal to connect all our mobile devices ,smart phones tablets ,laptops , smart TVs etc within our Home or office

However we so often find that this is not the case. Wi-Fi is slow or non-existent in parts of the property.Most service providers only supply a basic Router which so often does not cover the whole property and for those who live in a densely populated city environment  Wi-Fi interference from neighbours can be a major headache.

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We find a lot of our clients have tried Plug-in range extenders or Apple airport express to try to provide a solution
but have found these severely lacking in speed and reliability.


To provide your property with a rock solid fast Wi-Fi solution a direct cable  run to one or more fast access points

The first step is  to accurately identify issues ,

We would  test your current Wi-Fi coverage is lacking.

test speeds at various is points around the property .

Check your neighbours Wi-Fi to ascertain whether there are any channel interference

We then place new access point or points and then retest speed and bandwidth .

Once placement has been decided we can then plan cable routes back to your Router, cables can be run externally if this proves to be the least disruptive method .

After the survey is complete we will provide to you with an accurate quotation for the work .

 Survey cost £120 plus VAT

Check current coverage

interference check

Bandwidth check

Place new access points and provide comparison with your current set up

Master AV Services Home Network Installers can supply and Install the latest range of Broadband, Network, Ethernet, CAT5e & CAT6 Sockets for the home user or  commercial  premises from single ethernet points to connect your  Broadband or Home Network points in large a building installation

We  are experts in Home Network Installations using   CAT6 cabling to your internet enabled components  Computers or Network Devices to your own Network via Home Network Switches or Patch Panels. We can run cables either external or internal we specialise in discreet cabling solutions

All our network points are terminated with CAT5, CAT6 face plates or patch panels.

Our Home Networking services also include distributed  HD Services via CAT5/CAT6  cabling  to enable you to distribute  your  HD component   throughout the home or business in full HD
our high end Matrix switching solutions can provide HD and ethernet over a single CAT5/ Cat6 cable and are now available in POE removing the requirement for bulky power adapters.


Our dedicated team will design and implement a complete solution .


The flexibility of your wired network needs to be incorporated into the design at the  from the start. our  experienced teams will design a network cabling solution for our customers that delivers more efficiency for a lower cost. We provide structured cabling solutions data networks to meet all your LAN requirements, from single point to point installations to large commercial backbone infrastructures.

Depending on your requirements, we can provide data cabling solutions as an integral part of a complete LAN upgrade, or as total new network cabling solution . Whatever the condition of your current network, building architecture,  requirements, we can provide the complete solution.


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